Why you Should Always Check the Return Policy

For some reason I have stopped checking return policies, I mean, aren’t they all pretty much the same (each gives you a specified number of days to return the item if you are not satisfied) — or so I thought.

I order so much online and last week while I was placing an order on a popular website (a website that I have ordered from in the past) – I discovered something very disturbing about their return policy, so I wanted to share this experience will all of you.

So, I just started using a new skincare line through a discovery kit I purchased. Since I liked the items so much, I decided to buy the full sizes. While placing my order, I started to get a little concerned because of the amount of money I was going to spend on the new products — and what if I didn’t like them once I got the full sizes. So something told me that before spending the money, that I should check the return policy — just to see how I would return the items if I needed to.

Now, as I said, I have ordered from this website in the past, all items I already used, so I never even thought to check the return policy.

After reading the return policy, I was absolutely shocked — this particular website only takes returns if the item has not been opened (or used). I thought that I must not be reading the policy correctly, so I called the company to inquire — and sure enough I read it right.

Needless to say, I did not place an order. I know that if I order anything from that website, I will only order items that I already use and have no intention of returning.

If I had ordered those products and didn’t like them, I would have been out over $100 — too big of a risk for me. From now on, I will always check the return policy before I place an order (even if I have already ordered from them in the past).