Wardrobe Essential: Tailored Suit

Why you need it in your wardrobe: Every woman’s wardrobe needs a classic suit. You never know when you will need to dress for an important meeting or get called at the last minute to interview for that great job you never thought you would get.

Purchasing Tips: When buying a suit, be sure to select a classic style; stay away from bright colors, wide pin-stripes, and trendy design features.

Keep your look simple and professional. You can add accessories to dress up your suit, but don’t overdue it. Stay with a sophisticated and polished look.

If you are bigger on the bottom than on the top, or vice versa, it might be better to buy suit separates; that way you will be able to get the perfect fit for your body shape. If that isn’t an option, check with the sales person to find out if the store has a tailor who can make alterations so that you have a perfect fitting suit.

The fit is very important, you can spend a lot of money on a suit, but if it is too big or too tight, you will look sloppy, not professional.

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