How to Find the Perfect Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is wardrobe basic that everyone can wear. It is so versatile, that the same skirt can be worn a variety of ways –  keep it casual with a crisp button-down shirt and a pair of flats, dress it up by pairing it with a trendy blouse and jewelry for an evening out with friends, or achieve a professional look with a matching blazer.

Because you can wear it so many different ways, it is important to find a skirt that is classically styled.

Here are a few qualities to consider when buying a Pencil Skirt:

  • Skirt Length
    The best rule for the length is to try to find a skirt that hits you right at or right below your knee. You don’t want a skirt that is too long or too short. A long skirt can make you look matronly and outdated and a short skirt can be inappropriate to wear certain places (i.e. work and professional events).
  • Classic Style
    If you want a skirt that will match a number of items in your closet, you should stay with neutral colors, like black or navy. You might want to avoid bright colors and patterns. Also stay away from bold buckles, embellishments, and trendy design features as they will limit what you can wear with your skirt.
  • Lining
    I personally refuse to spend a lot of money on a skirt unless it is lined. There is nothing worse than planning to wear you skirt only to find out that you either don’t have a slip that is of the right length, or the slip you need to wear with it isn’t clean. The only issue with skirts (or pants) that have lining is that they usually require dry cleaning.
  • Fit is everything!
    It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, if you buy a skirt that is ill-fitting, you will not look good. Buy a skirt that is right for your body shape. Try on a few different sizes just to see how they fit. Even if you have to go up a size, buy a skirt that fits you (you can always cut out the size).

If you plan to wear your skirt with a blazer (to work or for an interview), you should buy the pieces at the same time – either purchase suit separates or invest in a complete suit; that way you can be sure the items are a true match. Also, you might want to wear the blouse and/or shoes you will be wearing with the skirt. This is helpful so that you can see how the skirt looks with items you already own (before you get it home).

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