College Wardrobe Essentials

It can be difficult to decide what wardrobe essentials you will need for college. If you are going to be moving and staying in a dorm, you don’t want to take your entire wardrobe with you, but you also don’t want to be in a position where you don’t have anything to wear.

When trying to decide what clothes to take with you to school, it is easier to break it down into categories of the types of clothes you will need and when. Here are some situations you might want to consider before buying wardrobe essentials for college (this information can apply to both men and women):

  • Attending Classes: you will most likely wear casual clothing, like jeans or a sweatsuit to class, except for special occasions, like giving a speech or lecture that may require more formal attire.
  • Business/Formal Attire: There may be certain occasions that you will need to dress up from what you would normally wear to class. If you have to give a speech, go to an interview, or decide to join a professional group, you may need to wear a suit or at least a nice pair of dress pants and blouse (or shirt for men) depending on the event. To make sure you are prepared for any event, you should have formal wear (business suit) and business casual attire (dress slacks and blouse/button-down shirt).
  • Clothes for Work: If you already have a job or decide to get one after school or on the weekends, you will need clothes for work. The type of job you have/get will determine what type of clothes you will need to purchase.
  • Weekends and After School: think about what you normally wear on the weekend or after school, what types of activities you will be participating.
  • Shoes: You may have all the clothes you need to wear for every occasion, but if you don’t have the right shoe, it can break your outfit. Be sure to take shoes (and socks/stocking) that match the clothing you are planning to wear. Nothing can ruin an outfit more than a pair of shoes that look out of place.

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